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Photos That look Like Renaissance Paintings

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four men, one smoking - Dimitri Staszewski

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brawling ukrainian politicians - Valentyn Ogirenko  

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man painting with cat in foreground  - Reddit user Ktai_Arterion

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 ted cruz Jason Reed

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man lying in busy street - Joel Goodman

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laughing man framed by grimy window - Leo Berne

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woman baking in sunlight - Bas Uterwijk

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bickering traders on a red couch - Adam Grey

sorry I left the tumblr tracking in, I'm tired...

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useless lifehack #5
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Dark-Winged Angels: Roberto Ferri

Sumptuous oil paintings by Taranto, Italy romantic painter Roberto Ferri (b. 1978), modern master of his own Baroque revival, who some call Caravaggio’s heir. Who am I to argue?

We often see Ferri’s Lucifero posted here and at other blogs (the fifth image down). No idea why I hadn’t previously taken the time to look up more of this painter’s work. Gorgeous, one and all. But be they good or bad, why, we must wonder, are all of the angels’ wings dark?

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